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Holiday Trips

Holiday checklist

What do you do when?

Sunset, a unique atmosphere enchants the beach - quickly snap a souvenir photo - but the camera is at home on the kitchen table. Each of us has certainly been in a comparable situation before. You can also get a sunscreen or a film in the holiday resort. But often the forgotten things are not so easy to organize on site, or you annoyingly have to pay a lot of money for them. Our checklist helps you not to forget anything, so you can take your holiday preparations with ease.

28 Days to go

Immediately after booking or at least four weeks before departure:

  • Check travel cancellation insurance
  • Vaccination advice, check vaccination protection and refresh if necessary
  • Maybe arrange a visit to the dentist before the trip
  • Check identity papers and documents for validity and renew if necessary
  • Check and arrange entry formalities (possibly also for pets)
  • Check insurance cover for abroad and, if necessary, take out foreign health insurance or apply for a foreign health certificate
  • Car protection letter, car inspection
  • Get a travel guide, street maps and dictionary
  • Order prescriptions for constantly needed medication
  • Order foreign currency, travelers checks, credit cards
  • Organize care for pets

14 Days to go

Approximately two weeks before departure:

  • Approximately two weeks before departure:
  • Check the wardrobe and add if necessary
  • Get books to read
  • Copy travel documents and other documents
  • Ask family members or neighbors to check the apartment regularly (e.g. post, flowers)
  • Create a list of phone numbers at which you will be available for those who stayed at home
  • Create address list for postcards from vacation
  • Unsubscribe from the newspaper or have it forwarded
  • Calculate the time difference and take it into account when taking medication regularly

The tomorrow Iit is so far

Immediately before departure

  • Empty the refrigerator
  • Lock away valuables - switch off electrical devices completely (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Switch on answering machine (without vacation information!)
  • Switch heating off or on "vacation"
  • Lock doors and windows
  • care for pets and plants
  • Hand over the key to the person you trust
  • Submit a list of telephone numbers, arrival and departure times to a person you trust
  • Take your ticket, passport, driver's license, travel documents